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More peas, cherries less

so poetically French call "female penis" - the clitoris. He - the chief conductor of women to sexual satisfaction. Few women enjoy and without excitation of the clitoris. It's very passionate, but, unfortunately, they are few, only 6%.Clitoral caresses quickly have the rest 94% to intimacy and cause a desire to have sex. The main thing that must learn partner: the clitoris - gentle body and requires delicate handling. And caress his best wet tongue, and if let in case the finger, then he should also be wet, and his action slightly. The head of the clitoris - one of the most sensitive areas of the female body, it is saturated with blood vessels and lots of nerve endings.The head is covered by skin fold, which is called the female prepuce, or clitoral hood. Sometimes it is short and does not cover the body, he seems to be sticking.And even more rarely the skin, on the contrary, very developed, and it should be put off by hand to at least a little to rescue the clitoris. Too long skin is difficult to remove the accumulating around secretions (smegma. "There are redness, irritation and itching. If there is a problem, it completely solvable. Such women do circumcision (like male circumcision. "This operation also increases the sensitivity of women: during sex, it is possible to stimulate the glans of the clitoris - the skin does not prevent it, as before. neeregirovannogo clitoris length rarely exceeds 3 cm, but erection it increases in diameter in 2 - 3 times. As a rule, at the beginning of excitation he heavily favored, and again before orgasm is drawn. The sensitivity is so great that the clitoris is compared with the detonator, and voluptuous sensations arising from touching him, often bordering with pain.

Bud blossoms ...

Ancient Indians who wrote "Kama Sutra", comparing the female genital organs with a mysterious valley of which dreams loving man ... 
She exudes a wonderful aroma, hiding in the depths of his secret treasure. 
But it must also find ... Spread the thigh, gently slide the large and small sex lips - at the point of fusion at the top is a small fold. This is an extreme flesh of the clitoris, which is often called a hood.Lift it up, and you'll see a little pink bulge reminiscent of a button or a brilliant unripe berries red currant. This is the clitoris. You are not sure of his discovery? Continue to study it, to touch - right in front of berry ripen and become a magical ruby. All women, even those who have never experienced an orgasm feel at the moment of touching the clitoris voluptuous sensation.Excitation slowly growing. Dilates blood vessels - the genitals swell, rise, become red and hot. The clitoris increases, perineal muscles contract and pull it closer to the entrance to the vagina. And from there expires transparent moisture generously washing the entire clitoris and genital area. Heat ... warmer ... hot! Let the ladies do not accuse men of field. In fact, they obihazhivayut this treasure as well as his own penis, believing that strong stimulation that they like, and you will bring untold pleasure. Tricky is that the penis is less sensitive than the clitoris, and requires much more friction - pressure. Who else but the woman can tell a man about the habits and whims of her clitoris? Let it help him to find this sweet button will take clumsy man's hand and make it something that makes her. After a while, it will be enough just to cheer the man guiding him in the right side of Spades "right-left, above, below, faster, slower, so so so ..." tongue and lips remarkably adapted to caress the clitoris: they are soft and moist, and their agile and precise movements. Lick the clitoris, gently examine the head, hood and groove between them. Imagine that the clitoris - a tiny nipple: his lips pull, twist, gently squeeze and suck on it. Tip of the tongue feel for the most-most explosive point. This time you will feel both: the language will feel a slight tingling sensation, as if touched elektrobatareyki, and the woman will respond lightning flash drive. Do not lose this point, tickle, massage it and enjoy

Registry errors male

Oral sex 1. Do not lean on the vicinity of the clitoris. The entrance to the vagina, small and large labia almost do not need oral sex. The focus of cunnilingus man should give it the clitoris, and only him.Especially in young girls. 2. Do not just "start" to the clitoris. Cunnilingus in Latin means "vulva" and "lick". So you need to do just that, and not draw anything by mouth. And to know that the head of the clitoris, covered with leathery folds, very sensitive. Expose her tongue at once - sure to bring their partner discomfort. So - first gently lick, then pull at moving from side to side language. And only when the head-berry from the clitoris swells, you can move it with delicate skin. 3. Do not break.caress the clitoris language should be continuously distracted from it by the labia or the vagina just for a few seconds, and by the end of the whole process all of it anywhere, "not to go." 4.Do not seek to penetrate deeper.Unfortunately, so many men astray. Oral sex - is not a substitute for vaginal.Trying tongue go deep into the vagina completely futile, because the women to such actions are totally indifferent.Effectively caress the only entrance to the vagina (and that long. " 5. If the partner comes, it is not necessary to double efforts. In the coming orgasm clitoris categorically dislikes nakakih touch. We reached the peak of sexual girl clitoris more can not touch it, it will be very unpleasant! 6. Do not think that she wants a strong touch. Many women, feeling the approach of orgasm, his hands clench the man's head. But it was not to press his lips more tightly to his bosom. On the contrary! She wants a man to push the moment of orgasm. Why - see para. 5.


How it works A. Excitation. The clitoris is extended to 2-3 times. This is a signal of the labia lips spread apart and to move slightly upwards. At the same time, and small labia swell with the nomination forward. The vagina is moistened. B.Plateau state (before orgasm. "The clitoris goes under the" hood ", it becomes difficult to detect, and touching it causes pain. This is a signal Bartholin glands located on either side of the vaginal opening, to provide additional drop of lubricating fluid. The vagina expands, labia red and thickened. If you continue to stimulate orgasm occurs in 30-60 seconds. C. Orgasm. The clitoris is completely hidden deep inside. It is a signal to go from the main sensations reduce thickened portions of the vaginal walls and even the muscles of the uterus. The lumen of the vagina and its vaults are expanding. At the same time reduced muscle anus. D. Relaxation. The clitoris returns to its normal size and position still when his head slightly rises in the place where converge labia. This is a signal to the rest, too, to return to the previous state. The uterus drops, vaginal vault narrowed. Most all, success is waiting for you: - on top of the head and on the inner surface of the hood; - on the circumference of the head (finger should trace the entire head); - where the body divides into legs (at most the pubic bone); - in the grooves between the hood and the big sexual lip on the right and the left.

Intimate piercing

The most popular question and clitoris piercing? 
Usually intimate piercing is done out of a desire to receive more abundant range of sensations. It is believed that piercing enhances pleasant feelings with 
clitoral stimulation. Piercing can excite even during normal movement, because mikroshtanga or mikrobanan that vdevayutsya a puncture, can play a role fingers. The truth, according to sexologists, such as a bit lucky as owners only vaginal orgasm ...

Circumcision feminine

Today, many women (mainly French and American) make circumcision - removal of the foreskin. 
This operation takes only 15 minutes and does not even require general anesthesia (the woman is conscious). 
However, doctors warn that many women circumcision leads to a temporary discomfort. 
During sexual caresses a woman ispytyaet not so much excitement, how much pain. However, gradually the head of the clitoris becomes less sensitive and painful sensations disappear.
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